Don't Let the Muggles Get You Down
hi i'm alessia, i'm 20 from montreal and i love books, tattoos, travelling and old movies

can anyone please tell me why Max ad Katie don’t like Joey and Meaghan?? I wanted to watch the clip but it’s not available in Canada ! 
pretty please??

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  1. ifoundthewantedinthedarkesthour answered: hi i just watched the clip and they say that they a immature because they ran in front of everyone in the line when a new line was formed and
  2. ashleyiscoollike answered: They’re ‘immature and unprofessional.’
  3. nightstar713 answered: basically they said they were immature and didn’t have “people
  4. hereistheplacewhereilovveyouu answered: They were just being rude and said they were unprofessional. They also said all they do is talk on the internet and hav no social life!! :/
  5. acornicus answered: Apparently, they don’t have any real world experience and are “immature” and annoying”. They also need to get real jobs and real lives. >_>
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